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Ronnie Lester, Lakers Assistant General Manager, Won't Be Brought Back

The Los Angeles Lakers have been pretty consistent in the front office during the Phil Jackson era, but as the team brings in new head coach Mike Brown, it seems set on also overhauling the front office.

The first move, as reported by Roland Lazenby and confirmed by ESPN LA's Dave McMenamin, is the ousting of Ronnie Lester. Lester, acting as the team's assistant general manager and Mitch Kupchak's right-hand man for the past 10 years, had been employed by the Lakers since the 1987-88 season.

Lester played his final two NBA seasons with the Showtime-era Lakers, retiring in 1986, and had been a member of the team's scouting department ever since. His biggest coup, according to McMenamin, was finding Andrew Bynum as a high school junior in 2005.

This is the first major shakeup in the Lakers front office this season, but isn't the frst this year -- and unfortunately, it likely isn't the last. 

McMenamin has more on that subject, below, which doesn't make the Lakers look as good as they should off the court.

The layoffs first appeared to be a cost-cutting measure by the Lakers in light of the potential lockout that could occur July 1 if the NBA owners and players' association cannot finalize a new collective bargaining agreement by then. But, while it initially seemed like there was potential for the employees to be rehired when the possible drawn-out labor unrest is settled, the growing sense is the team is using this offseason to cut ties with the Jackson days and turn the page on the next era of Lakers basketball.

What other Phil Jackson era employees will be cut?