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Family Of Bryan Stow Sues Dodgers

The family of Giants' fan Bryan Stow filed suit against the Dodgers in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, claiming criminal negligence by the team. Stow was beaten after the Dodgers' opening day win over the Giants at Dodger Stadium. One suspect was arrested on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The lawsuit alleges that Dodger Stadium provided a "perfect opportunity" for a fan to be beaten. In response to the beating, the Dodgers added a security chief, a position that was cut last year, and added several light posts throughout the Dodgers parking lot. The San Francisco Chronicle detailed the lawsuit:

"It is unfortunate that such a storied and well-respected baseball club as the Los Angeles Dodgers has been made to suffer due to the cutbacks and mismanagement by its owner," wrote the Stow family's attorneys, Thomas Girardi and Christopher Aumais of Los Angeles.

After the arrest on Sunday, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt issued a statement, saying, "The Dodgers are committed to providing our fans the safest sports venue in the United States – this is a commitment that we take very seriously." The suit also asks for the Dodgers to reimburse fans that have donated to the Bryan Stow Fund, for which the team has raised over $60,000.

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