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Chatwood, Angels Look To Even Short Oakland Series

The Angels will have to bounce back quickly from a disappointing bullpen meltdown on Monday night if they want to get even with the A's, as tonight's 7:05 PM start is the final game of their short series. It is on to Seattle for two for the Halos.

Rookie Tyler Chatwood gets the nod for the Halos. He will be facing Gio Gonzalez. If GG is as terrible as he was last time on the mound, the lousy weather stalking Oakland may save his bacon a second time in two starts. After allowing seven runs to the Rangers, the game was called before 5 innings were in the book and will be played from the start as a makeup game. No stats count from that outing. Will they count tonight? Monday's game had its first pitch delayed by more than an hour with the tarp on the field matching the tarp over many seats in the Oakland Coliseum which has a ridiculous advertising sponsor naming it this year.

Chatwood has been around the strikezone for most of his big league starts, but that has started to be a problem more and more. When his fastball hits the low end of the strike zone, he cruises through innings. When the pitch gets up, it gets out in a hurry. Predicted to put a year in at AA at the start of the season by Halos Heaven minor league analyst Ryan Ghan, the absence of pitching prospects in Anaheim pulled him up, and while he has responded with poise and a few good outings, a weak offense like Oakland's might be waiting, hungry, for what an arm like his has to offer