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Long Beach Grand Prix 2011: Schedule For The Week's Events

The Toyota Grand Prix comes to Long Beach this weekend, and offers a full four days of events starting on Thursday. Here are some of the marquee events that will be taking place this weekend. For a complete schedule of events, head on over to the event's official website.

The festivities kick off on Thursday with the Long Beach Motor Sports Walk Of Fame Ceremony at 11 a.m.. At 6, they will name a Miss Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

There is a full schedule of events on Friday, and the gates open at 7 a.m.. ALMS Practice starts at 7:15 and will run until 9:15. The Izod series cars will then practice from 10-11:15. There will be an autograph session featuring all of the Indy Car drivers that will participate in the race at 4 p.m..

The Pro/Celebrity race will take place on on Saturday at 11:40 a.m... The Le Mans series race starts at 4:30 p.m.. The night comes to a close with a concert featuring John Kay and Steppenwolf at 6:45. 

The actual Toyota Grand Prix is on Sunday. Gates open at 7 a.m., but the race doesn't start until 1:15. There will be a team drifting challenge at 3:40.

You can head back over to the Grand Prix's official website for more information on all of the events that will take place, and info on where you can buy tickets.