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Sacramento Kings Relocation: Lakers' Jerry Buss Part Of Committee Reviewing Anaheim Proposal

The Maloof brothers, who own the Sacramento Kings, have filed for relocation, hoping to move the Kings to the more lucrative Anaheim market to play at Honda Center. As we noted recently on SB Nation Los Angeles, Lakers owner Jerry Buss opposes the potential move because it could cost him an estimated half-billion dollars in television revenue.

Now, in an exclusive report, SB Nation's Tom Ziller says Buss is among the members of the league committee, which reviews all relocation and arena proposals relevant to its teams. Ziller reports the committee also includes the Heat's Mickey Arison, Spurs' Peter Holt, Pacers' Herb Simon, and the 76ers' Ed Snider; two more owners sit on the committee, but Ziller was unable to learn their identities.

Importantly, the league's entire Board of Governors--and not just this committee--votes on any potential relocation. If Buss can't influence his fellow owners to veto the Kings' move, he can at least argue that the Maloofs should pay a steep relocation fee. This fee would then be divided evenly among the owners of the league's 29 other teams.