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NFL Lockout News: NFL And Player's Union Meet In D.C. As Lockout Looms

The current collective bargaining agreement between the NFL player's union and the league's owners expires tonight at midnight. If the two sides can't reach an agreement on a new one before then (and it doesn't look like they will) then the players will be locked out, and the league will potentially have to cancel games when the league starts back up in the Fall. 

The two sides have been in Washington, D.C. for the past few days meeting with each other, and a federal mediator, trying to come closer to an agreement. Nobody is expecting them to come to any terms before the deadline tonight, but the hope is that they at least get closer to one another, creating a foundation for further negotiations in the offseason, when the league is locked out.

We'll be updating this stream with all the latest news and developments about the potential lockout. But for all the in depth coverage you can handle, check out this stream at SB Nation.