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Blake Griffin Returns To Oklahoma As Clippers Face Kevin Durant & The Thunder

Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers begin their post All-Star Game stretch as they ended just before the break: on the road. The Clippers play their ninth straight road game tonight, as they travel to face Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder at the transparently named Oklahoma City Arena. Tonight marks the first professional game in the state of Oklahoma for Griffin, who starred for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Though they ended their trip with a win in Minnesota, the Clippers limped into the All-Star break with a 2-6 road trip, including three successive losses against the struggling Cavaliers, Raptors, and Bucks. The Clippers are 5-21 on the road this season, and are just 2-10 on the road this calendar year. Oklahoma City is 19-8 at home this season. The Clippers beat the Thunder 107-92 at Staples Center on November 3.

Griffin is averaging 21.5 points and 11.6 rebounds through the first eight games of this 11-game road trip, while shooting 46.5% from the field. Tonight is the first of two road games on back-to-back road games for the Clippers, who return home Friday. Eric Gordon did not accompany the team on this short two-game trip, as he is receiving treatment for his injured right wrist.

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