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2011 NBA Shooting Stars: Al Horford, Team Atlanta Beat Dirk Nowitzki, Team Texas In Finals

The 2011 Haier Shooting Stars contest opened NBA All-Star Saturday Night on TNT, and Team Atlanta beat Team Texas in the final round to win the competition. Al Horford of the Hawks, NBA "legend" Kenny Smith, and WBNA player Coco Miller were the winning three players. Team Texas, including Dirk Nowitzki of the Mavericks, was looking for their second straight win, as they won as the host team in Dallas last year.

First Round

Team Atlanta opened with a time of 47.6 seconds; Al Horford of the Hawks hit the halfcourt shot

Team Chicago followed with a time of 1:06, with NBA legend Steve Kerr hitting the halfcourt shot

Team Los Angeles elimated Chicago with a time of 55.8; NBA legend Rick Fox made the halfcourt shot

Team Texas then eliminated Los Angeles with a time of 31.8; NBA legend Kenny Smith made the team's first halfcourt attempt, giving Team Texas the best time in the first round.


Atlanta hit all their shots in a time of 1:10; Al Horford hit the halfcourt shot, as Atlanta was one for 18 from halfcourt in the finals

Texas then missed 17 straight halfcourt shots, running out of time, giving the win to Team Atlanta.