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2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Is Blake Griffin Going To Jump Over A Car?

The fans at Staples Center tonight already have a clear favorite tonight in the Sprite NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers is playing on his home floor, and will have everybody on his side anyway, but just in case anyone else needed reason to be more excited about Griffin in the dunk contest, he might try something unprecedented tonight. Jonathan Abrams of the New York Times tweeted this earlier today:

Dunk contest spoiler alert: Blake Griffin is planning to jump over a car tonight.

Who knows whether that is true, or even possible, but if Griffin can pull that off it would be one of the most memorable dunks in NBA Slam Dunk Contest history. Griffin has been teamed with former dunk contest participant Kenny Smith in determining one of his dunks tonight. From a series of possible dunks, Griffin narrowed down his choices to dunking "through the legs," or "something never seen before." Jumping over a car would certainly qualify as something never seen before:

Then again, Griffin has dunked in a game over 7-foot-1 Timofey Mozgov, so maybe a car won't be so hard for Griffin after all.