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2011 NBA All-Star Weekend: Paul Pierce Trying To Be First Celtic To Repeat As Three-Point Champ Since Larry Bird

Paul Pierce is back tonight, trying to defend his Foot Locker Three-Point Contest title that he won last year in Dallas. Pierce is one of six contestants, which also include 2001 three-point champ and all-time NBA three-point leader Ray Allen. Pierce would be the first Celtic to repeat as three-point champ since Larry Bird, who won the first three events from 1986-1988. Actually, repeat winners are nothing new to the three-point contest, in which six different repeat winners have captured 14 of the 25 contests.

Here are the past champions of the three-point contest:

  • 2010: Paul Pierce, Boston
  • 2009: Daequan Cook, Miami
  • 2008: Jason Kapono, Toronto
  • 2007: Jason Kapono, Miami
  • 2006: Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas
  • 2005: Quentin Richardson, Phoenix
  • 2004: Voshon Lenard, Denver
  • 2003: Peja Stojakovic, Sacramento
  • 2002: Peja Stojakovic, Sacramento
  • 2001: Ray Allen, Milwaukee
  • 2000: Jeff Hornacek, Utah
  • 1998: Jeff Hornacek, Utah
  • 1997: Steve Kerr, Chicago
  • 1996: Tim Legler, Washington
  • 1995: Glen Rice, Miami
  • 1994: Mark Price, Cleveland
  • 1993: Mark Price, Cleveland
  • 1992: Craig Hodges, Chicago
  • 1991: Craig Hodges, Chicago
  • 1990: Craig Hodges, Chicago
  • 1989: Dale Ellis, Seattle
  • 1988: Larry Bird, Boston
  • 1987: Larry Bird, Boston
  • 1986: Larry Bird, Boston

Speaking of past champions, there is no greater moment in three-point shootout history than Larry Bird celebrating his win over Dale Ellis before his final shot went in, in 1988: