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Rose Bowl 2012: Oregon Ducks Try To Win In Pasadena For First Time Since 1917

The Oregon Ducks will have a big matchup coming up against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl. But there are historical implications, as Oregon wants to win one of their Rose Bowl trips.

Oregon has been to five Rose Bowls in their century of playing competitive West Coast football, but they have only won once, in their first trip in 1917. Here's a brief look at their history in Pasadena.

  • 1917: Oregon beat Pennsylvania 14-0 thanks to a touchdown pass and run by Shy Huntington.
  • 1920: Harvard beat Oregon 7-6 in a game which established the tradition of an East Coast team facing a West Coast team in Pasadena on New Year's Day.
  • 1958: Ohio State beat Oregon 10-7, although Ducks quarterback Jack Crabtree won the Player of the Game award in defeat.
  • 1995: Penn State beat Oregon 38-20 as Ki-Jana Carter dominated the game on the ground for the Nittany Lions.
  • 2010: Ohio State dominated the ball and the clock in a 26-17 victory over Chip Kelly's squad. 

Oregon looks to reverse history and end 95 years of futility when they take on the Badgers on January 2nd.

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