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2012 Rose Bowl: House Of Pain, Isley Brothers Will Be Represented

The 2012 Rose Bowl between the Wisconsin Badgers and Oregon Ducks is just a few days away, but new wrinkles in the pageantry surrounding the Pasadena institution are emerging all the time. The latest such tidbit involves the musical traditions of both teams.

The Wisconsin Badgers have long utilized the seminal House of Pain track "Jump Around" to pump up the home crowd. Similarly, the Oregon Ducks fans expect to sing along to "Shout" by the Isley Brothers to bring things to a fever pitch at home games. Rose Bowl officials have long denied any individual school traditions beyond respective marching bands, in the interest of maintaining a neutral venue.

But things may be a bit different this year. According to Adam Mertz of the Wisconsin State Journal, Rose Bowl officials have agreed to play both tracks, one after the other, during the third quarter break. There was apparently an influx of requests for the tracks from both fanbases.

It's nice of the Rose Bowl to oblige the fans and it will probably be a lot of fun to watch the two sides try to out-hype one another in succession.

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