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2012 Rose Bowl, Odds: Wisconsin 5 Point Underdog to Oregon

As the countdown to the 2012 Rose Bowl continues to march on, it's about that time to figure out whether or not you'd like to place some of your hard earned money on the line for some of these Bowl games. This matchup between the Oregon Ducks and Wisconsin Badgers in particular will draw a lot of interest around the sports books, but who you going to take?

Well, according to the Ducks opened as a 4.5 point favorite over the Badgers, but many online gambling sites have bumped that up to 5.5 or even six. This game also has an over/under of around 72, so the bookies certainly are anticipating some offense from these two. You should too.

The test of this game is who's defense will be superior, because both have arguably the two most dangerous offenses in college football right now. Either way it's going to be a bruiser, chose wisely before placing your bets.

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