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USC Baseball: Ryan Garvey Won't Play For Trojans

Ryan Garvey is transferring from the USC Trojans baseball team.

The USC Trojans aren't going to have the son of a great Dodger playing for them after all. Ryan Garvey, son of the great Steve Garvey, is leaving USC and is headed to junior college. Dan Arritt of USC Report has more on the story.

It's obviously a difficult task to balance schoolwork and athletics for any student-athlete, and Garvey was probably overwhelmed at trying to do both. So it makes sense for him to try and get his degree at a less academically intensive location while still being able to hone his game. That way, he can finish his degree while at the same time still being able to develop into a full-time baseball player.

Steve Garvey was one of the greatest Los Angeles Dodgers, going to the All-Star game, winning an NL MVP and four Gold Gloves and also winning a World Series.

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