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2012 Rose Bowl: Oregon's Mark Asper Uses Heimlich To Save Choking Man At Lawry's Beef Bowl

When out at the Lawry's Beef Bowl Wednesday night,, Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Mark Asper was in for a bit more than he bargained for when a fellow dinner began to choke at the annual supper in Pasadena, CA. Asper sprang to action, saving an older man's life using the Heimlich Maneuver. All in a day's work for the Ducks' big man.

Here's the Register-Guard's Adam Jude via Twitter:

Oregon OL Mark Asper just saved an older man who was choking at Lawry's. Using Heimlich Maneuver.

According to Jude, a server was trying the Heimlich first, but wasn't doing so hot, so Asper stepped in. Once it was over, the older man was very gracious (sort of), while Asper was still worried about his safety:

"I was afraid I was going to break his ribs," Asper said. The old guys response: "Thanks, but you broke my glasses."(He was kidding, I hope)

They might have been really expensive glasses though. You never really know.

Is this a good omen for the Ducks heading into the Rose Bowl? Who knows. Either way, way to be an exemplary citizen Mr. Asper, we can all take a note from your playbook sir.