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2012 Rose Bowl: Wisconsin Badgers Special Uniforms Revealed

The Wisconsin Badgers football department announced earlier this month they would be wearing special uniforms for the 2012 Rose Bowl Game against the Oregon Ducks. The Badgers are sponsored by Adidas, which has been taking a page out of the Nike playbook this year and debuting modified uniforms for special occasions. This change will likely only be noticed by those with high definition televisions, for the only change is a rose petal print inside the uniform numbers


The Rose Bowl has long been the ultimate destination for Pac12 and Big10 teams, so a uniform with a Rose Bowl specific design is sure to be a high seller. Adidas designed all white uniforms for UCLA earlier this year for the UCLA-USC game. The German apparel manufacturer also designed special uniforms for Notre Dame on two separate occasions. 


With how drastic those uniform changes were, Badger fans likely feared much worse. All in all, this is a classy uniform that's a great reward for Badger fans after a championship season.