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Pepperdine Basketball Defeats Montana State In Malibu, 59-36

America's most scenic campus had a reason to celebrate Sunday night, as the Pepperdine Waves men's basketball team defeated the Montana St Bobcats with the final score 59-36. The men have one more tune up game before conference play begins, so it was important to get a victory in before going up against the likes of St Mary's and Gonzaga. Their last out of conference game will be Washington St in four days in Seattle. 

Taylor Darby lead all scorers with 14 points. His 11 rebounds gave him a double double on the night in 29 minutes. Corbin Moore also scored in the double digits with 13. Caleb Willis and Joshua Lowry round out the top performers, with Willis leading the team with six assists and Lowry pulling down six rebounds. They combined for 11 points. 

Pepperdine was able to pull away before halftime, and the game was never close after that. Montana St's lead scorer, Tre Johnson, only had 10 points. Pepperdine shot 44.7% from the field, while Montana St. shot a horrid 28.3%. Pepperdine also shot 33.3% from behind the arc.

After the trip to Seattle and the Christmas holiday, Pepperdine will host their first conference weekend of the year, with Bay Area schools San Francisco and St. Mary's coming to town. Pepperdine isn't scheduled to be on TV again until the 405 rivalry against LMU.