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UCLA Basketball Ex-Player Reeves Nelson On His Way To Lithuania

Looks like Reeves Nelson of the UCLA Bruins isn't going to try and transfer and serve out his eligibility in college. Andy Katz of ESPN Los Angeles reports that Nelson will head out to Europe to play professionally instead after his dismissal from the Bruins.

Well, if Nelson was expecting things to get better now that he's out of college, he probably has another thing coming. Usually disciplinary issues that can get smoothed out in the amateur and collegiate ranks aren't dealt with so kindly in the pros. Expect Nelson to work hard for whatever team he ends up on (that was his M.O. in UCLA when he was at his best) but unless he can get his temperament and attitude readjusted, he might have problems surviving overseas.

Perhaps this move will be for the best.  Nelson will have to prove he's matured beyond his UCLA days though if he plans on making it.

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