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NBA Trade Rumors 2011: Andrew Bynum And Dwight Howard Deal Possible With Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bynum has often been circulated as the only real tradeable chip for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bynum is the only young component of a Lakers team that is trending older every season, and doesn't really have the flexibility it had in the past to move pieces in huge pacakges like they did in the past.

However, Jim Buss (son of owner Jerry, and perhaps the second most influential voice in the Laker organization) has been reluctant to trade Bynum. It was Buss who made the decision to draft the unproven Bynum when the Lakers were looking for more talent that was ready to go from the get-go.

Buss might be willing to change things up though if it means getting a coveted superstar. Ken Berger of CBS Sports with the report.

 It's no surprise to anyone that the Lakers will be one of the primary suitors in a possible trade for Howard, and a person with knowledge of the team's strategy told that executive Jim Buss finally has dropped his opposition to trading center Andrew Bynum "for the right deal." That's code for "a deal for Dwight Howard," and it's clear from those familiar with Howard's thinking that he'd like to join the Lakers. Bynum may or may not be on the Magic's list of suitable replacements for Howard in a potential deal that also would have to include young players on rookie contracts and draft picks. The Bucks' Andrew Bogut may be a better fit, a notion that has conjured speculation in the agent community of a three-team deal that would land Bynum in Milwaukee, Bogut in Orlando and Howard in L.A.

Bynum has had a strong career in Los Angeles, but if you had to choose between Bynum and perhaps the league's best center, you do whatever it takes to make it happen. Bogut as the third man could make this all work.

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