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Jordan Farmar, Former LA Laker and UCLA Bruin, Is Playing Basketball In Israel

After establishing himself as an accomplished guard for the UCLA Bruins and valuable role player for the Los Angeles Lakers, Jordan Farmar has begun playing basketball in Israel.

Farmar is one of the few Jewish players in the NBA and has roots through his family to Israel. With the lockout going on, what better place to play basketball than an area that both you and your family are very comfortable with?

We have a video of Jordan and his progress over seas as he prepares for a return to basketball...

We also have this quote from Farmar, which was included in a great article from Matthew Bell of PRI's The World:

"I guess it started with the NBA lockout," he says. "Basketball is how I make my living and support my family. And with the NBA being locked out and us not being able to go to work, I had to find other means."

"The other option was to sit at home and kind of wait around. So, I figured I would try to play at a high level and stay sharp, and get a different life experience in the meantime."

Hey, just because there isn't any professional basketball being played in America doesn't mean it isn't being played across the world. Best of luck to Jordan as he continues to play overseas.