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Los Angeles Football Stadium: Jaguars Appear To Be Staying In Jacksonville

As the city of Los Angeles continues their efforts to build a state-of-the-art arena and thus bring an NFL team to SoCal, one of the potential teams rumored to make the trip across country can probably be marked off the list.

According to a report that was gathered by Big Cat Country, the Jacksonville Jaguars might be partially sold in the near future. The potential buyer would likely keep the team in Jacksonville.

Breaking news! 1010 XL has learned that Wayne Weaver is selling a piece of the Jaguar franchise to Fred Smith of Fed Ex as a minority owner. When Wayne decides it's time to retire Fred would then transition into the majority owner with the agreement that the team will remain in Jacksonville. It's not official yet, but we're told it's almost a done deal.

Again, this is not official, but it appears the team will be staying in Florida. While there are other teams that could potentially make the move to Los Angeles, losing a potential candidate is never a good thing.