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2012 Rose Bowl Predictions: Oregon, Wisconsin Heavy Favorites To Meet In Pasadena

Vegas has already made their verdict on who will end up reaching Pasadena next January. The Oregon Ducks and the Wisconsin Badgers are big favorites to win their respective conference title games, which would set up a very compelling matchup in the 2012 Rose Bowl.

Oregon is favored by an incredible 30 points over the bumbling and stumbling UCLA Bruins, most likely because the game is being contested at Autzen Stadium in Eugene rather than at a neutral site; the Ducks are all but expected to cruise onto the Rose Bowl. It's a closer sort of thing between Wisconsin and Michigan State, but the Badgers are still touchdown favorites over the Spartans despite the fact that MSU scored the upset the last time the two teams played.

Can UCLA and Michigan State use this as a rallying cry to score big upsets this weekend?

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