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2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Semifinalists Include Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Kevin Greene

There are several NFL players most noted for their careers with the Los Angeles Rams and Raiders that are up for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Los Angeles might not have the NFL right now, but they used to have two teams in the Raiders and the Rams, both now moved on to Oakland and St. Louis respectively. With the release of the latest list of the 2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalists, there are three prominent names who played some of their best football in the big city lights who are in contention to make the final cuts.

Kevin Greene is one of the most effective pass rushers in NFL history, amassing 16.5 sacks two straight seasons in 1988/1989. Greene was also versatile enough to play in coverage and be amazingly effective, making it to All-Pro First-Team status three years of his career.

Tim Brown split most of his time between Los Angeles in his youth and Oakland in his prime, but he still remains one of the best pure route runners of all-time, most of that period being spent as a Raider. Brown finished with the second-most receiving yards and third-most receptions and TD catches ever.

Jerome Bettis was one of the toughest runners in NFL history and is ranked fifth all-time in overall rushing. With the Rams he put up 1000+ yards in his first two seasons, but was dealt to the Pittsburgh Steelers after the Rams moved away from the run-based offense that Bettis thrived in. Bettis finally won a Super Bowl in his final year in the league.