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USC Vs. Oregon Gamescore: USC Leads Oregon 7-0

After both teams opening their first drives going three and out, USC striked first with a 59-yard pass from USC quarterback Matt Barkley to freshman wide receiver Marqise Lee to lead the game after first quarter of play, 7-0.

After missing a weeks worth of practice, sophomore wide receiver Robert Woods started the game and caught the first ball thrown by Matt Barkley. Woods has caught three passes for 22 yards so far in this game.

The USC Trojans could not run the ball effectively, carring the ball 8 times and only gaining 9 yards.

The Oregon Ducks begun this game sluggishly and have only 36 total yards. Quarterback Darron Thomas is 3 for 6 for 26 yards. Leading rusher LaMichael James has 6 carries for 26 yards.

Barkley threw for 9 out of 11 passes completed for 125 yards, including a touchdown.

UPDATE: Barkley completed a pass to Robert Woods for a touchdown. USC leading the Ducks 14-0 in the 2nd.