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Penn State Scandal: Rose Bowl Would Take Nittany Lions

The Penn St. Nittany Lions have a bunch of bowls that are a bit squeamish on taking them this season, and if they don't win their division they could end up playing well outside their normal Big Ten tie-ins (Kraft Fight Hunger anyone?). Because of the scandal that hovers over their school, the program is a bit adrift in where they figure to end up this college football postseason.

However, if Penn State takes care of business and wins the rest of their games in conference play (including the inaugural Big Ten title game), the Granddaddy of Them All would be happy to take them. The Associated Press files this report about the willingness of the Rose Bowl to take on the Nittany Lions.

The chief administrative officer of the Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio says if Penn State wins the Big Ten title, the Nittany Lions will be free to play in the top-tier postseason game as far as he's concerned.

Kevin Ash said Thursday that the Rose Bowl would let the Big Ten decide if there is a reason its champion shouldn't play the Pac-12 winner in Pasadena, Calif., on Jan. 2.

"Whoever the champions are," Ash said, "we'll welcome with open arms."

Makes sense from an economic standpoint. Penn State (for all their faults) travels well, and there will certain to be a bunch of people watching on TV regardless. It'll be a very sensitive game though for everyone involved, but it'd be a good story for the poor Nittany Lions players that were saddled with the consequences of this tragedy.