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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Niners Are The Elite, Chargers, Raiders Chase

On the West Coast, it's the San Francisco 49ers and everyone else in the Power Rankings. But at least the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers can take solace in a different conference.

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What can you say? The San Francisco 49ers are for real and here to stay. Meanwhile, the other NFL teams who reside in California played each other on Sunday and determined who the leader will be in their division.

Meet the Oakland Raiders. The leader in one of the most week-to-week divisions in the league. The team they beat? The San Diego Chargers, the most...well, we'll let the Power Rankings tell the story.

The Niners stayed at no. 2 across the board, the same spot they resided in last week on ESPN, Sportsline and SBNation. ESPN praised Alex Smith, Sportsline looked into their playoff future and SBNation continued to remind everyone how close the Niners are to being undefeated.

ESPN moved the Raiders up five spots to no. 16 and quipped about the team's scheduling quirk from last week to this one. Sportsline spoke on the week-to-week world of public opinion, something the Raiders are on the positive side of now, with a move up four spots to no. 14. SBNation threw its hands in the air on what team the Raiders truly are but admitted, they are now the favorites in their division.

The Chargers 4-1 start is a long time ago, just ask ESPN, who dropped the Bolts one spot to no. 18. Sportsline is already looking at a possible coaching change while moving the Bolts two spots down to no. 19. SBNation spoke of its disappointment in what has turned into the most inconsistent (conversely dangerous?) team in the league.