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Let Me Explain: Bucks' Brandon Jennings Clears Up Assumed Beef With Lakers' Kobe Bryant

Basketball never stops. Well, the NBA does, but their players have continued to showcase their talents even during the league's lockout. The work stoppage hasn't kept players out of the news though, and that includes Milwaukee Bucks' guard and Los Angeles-native Brandon Jennings.


Jennings made news with a ‘Nobody Likes A Snake' shirt in Lakers colors, which some people took as a slight at Kobe Bryant, then again when Jennings didn't think Bryant should represent the Drew League in games because he wasn't from Los Angeles.


Jennings squashed any of that beef recently in an interview with The Hoop Doctors, where he calls Kobe "the best player in the NBA." With the competitive streak in Kobe, wouldn't be surprised if he has a bulletin board in his home with all the small slights and big slights (no. 7 on ESPN's top NBA players list) he's heard throughout the summer after the Lakers' season ended.


Jennings is a good player, one of the best young point guards in the league. But he was smart to clear the air. He may have gotten his name taken off the board - or not.