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LA Galaxy Vs. Red Bulls: David Beckham Gets Galaxy Up Early

The LA Galaxy have taken the lead into halftime on a battered pitch in Harrison, NJ. Snow fall and the subsequent cleanup has left Red Bull Arena with a hard and slick pitch with tire marks dividing it in thirds. Still, that didn’t stop David Beckham from sending in a lovely ball on a set piece, which Mike Magee found and tapped into the back of the net to put the Galaxy up 1-0 at halftime.

New York started hot early, with the Galaxy doing most of the defending. Still, it was LA that ended up with the best early chance, when Robbie Keane found himself with the ball in the left corner of the 18 yard box, and smashed it with his right foot. The ball smacked the inside of the right post and Mike Magee was unable to kick in the rebound.

On the goal, David Beckham set up ten yards from midfield to take a direct kick after Robbie Keane was fouled. Beckham didn’t take the kick directly, but passed it to his right then sent the cross in. Mike Magee ended up with it on the left side of the goal, all by himself. The 16’ tap in goal put the Galaxy into defending mode for the rest of the half.

The Galaxy showed their ability to score at any point of the match, and their continued deadliness of set pieces. However, the Red Bulls are going to push hard in the second half, and it won’t be enough to sit back and defend for 45 minutes.