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LA Galaxy Vs. Red Bulls: Kickoff Time, TV Coverage, Radio, And More

Last night, Real Salt Lake got an early leg up on the Seattle Sounders to the tune of 3-0. It’s a big deficit for the league’s second ranked team to make up on their home leg. The LA Galaxy will hope to avoid a similar trap when things kick off in New Jersey.

Seattle follows a trend in MLS. Since Champions League expanded its format in 2008, teams in the group stage have been beaten by those not in the group stage at a 10-12 clip. The Galaxy will need to show their depth if they’re gonna make it through this tie.

Kickoff: 12:00pm, PDT

Weather Forcast: Incase you haven’t heard by now, the Northeast has been hit with a rare October snowstorm. The prediction is for sunny skies, but 42 degrees. It’ll feel like 34 degrees.

TV Coverage: The match is slated to be broadcast on ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes.

Radio: KTLK 1150 has to call.

Opening Line: Galaxy are the undergods, currently at a high of +220.

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