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TMZ Obtains Terrell Owens 911 Call For Alleged Suicide Attempt

It's hasn't been the best week so far for Terrell Owens. First he holds an open workout at Calabasas High School in which no NFL teams attend, then TMZ get's a hold of the 911 call from Owens' assistant back on October 6th when he allegedly tried to kill himself with a pill overdose. 

The call, which can be heard here, was placed at 11:02 PM on the night of October 6th  You can clearly hear the dispatcher ask, "Was this a suicide attempt?" which T.O.'s assistant answers  "yes, I believe so." She mentions to the dispatcher that she believed T.O. was "talking to his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend ... [I]don't really know what you wanna call it."

Owens representatives declined comment. 

Owens had a similar incident back in 2006 when he was hospitalized for allegedly having a bad reaction to painkillers, although some reports said he tried to commit suicide by swallowing up to 35 Vicodin pills.