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Kings Vs. Devils: Bernier Lets Three In

It’s been tough going on the ice so far, with the LA Kings letting three goals in during the second period. The Kings had started to look good, but a Dainius Zubris goal 13:12 into the second period opend the floodgates, and the Devils scored two more goals before the period ended; putting New Jersey up 3-0.

All the goals came on even strength, and two were scored by Zubris; his first two of the year. The other came from Patrik Elias, who scored his fourth. The opening goal was a wrist shot from 11 feet out, but the others were slap shots from 26 and 29 feet out.

Both goalies have faced the same amount of shots, so it’s hard to say what the Kings need to do better. It’s disappointing to see the backup goalie getting pelted, but certainly the Devils knew going in that going slap happy was a good strategy. The Kings need to score in a hurry if they’re going to come back.