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Lane Kiffin Apologizes To Brian Kelly For Chris Galippo’s Comments

The dust has settled in the aftermath of Saturday's USC-Notre Dame game that saw the Trojans emerge as 31-17 victors, but not without a fair share of controversy. After the game, linebacker Chris Galippo had some choice words for Notre Dame: "They just quit. That's what Notre Dame is all about. They're nothing like ‘SC."

According to Michael Lev of the Orange County Register, Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin has since called Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly and apologized.

It's a good move by Kiffin, who did the right thing as the head of the Trojans by extending his apologies to Notre Dame. Galippo also issued a statement himself on Monday via Twitter about his comments:

If I offended anyone with my post game comments Saturday, I do apologize. I have great respect for their players and their program...
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In all honesty, these apologies don't change Galippo's sentiments. The Irish let the clock run down without burning their timeouts on Saturday, and that's the type of move that a rival team is sure to remember and talk about.

Kelly chose not to respond to Galippo's comments, stating instead that "to the victors go the spoils." He acted diplomatically and moved past the situation as any good coach should. Behind the scenes, though, Kelly may use this as an extra motivational tool for next year's game against USC.