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BCS Rankings, Week 9: USC Gets Chance To Ruin Stanford's BCS Dreams

The USC Trojans may not be allowed to participate in postseason play this season, but they can still play the role of spoiler for some teams in contention for a BCS bowl bid. With Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal coming to town next weekend, the Trojans will have the chance to ruin their championship dreams.

In the most recent BCS rankings, Stanford is ranked as the No. 6 team in the nation, just a few points behind Boise State and Clemson. Despite not being ranked in the BCS standings, the AP poll has USC at No. 20 in the country. The team is fresh off a dominating victory over Notre Dame and is looking for a big second half of Pac-12 play.

If Stanford is able to win out, there is a strong possibility the Cardinal could be headed for the national championship game. They have not been challenged by any opponent this season and the Trojans look like a team capable of changing this trend, especially with the large home crowd behind them.

If the Trojans are able to come away with the victory, it throws yet another wrench into the BCS standings. Two highly ranked and undefeated teams lost this past weekend (Oklahoma, Wisconsin) and more upsets are inevitably on the way. Will USC be the team to finally knock off Stanford?

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