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UCLA Football: Brandon Willis Denied Eligibility For 2011 Season

Defensive tackle Brandon Willis has experience an interesting journey during his brief college career. Between the University of North Carolina and UCLA, Willis has transferred a few times and has been hindered in his quest to play on the field as a result. After the most recent transfer (from UNC to UCLA this summer), Willis applied for immediate eligibility this season. The NCAA has denied that request.

Willis' saga began during his later high school years, when he initially gave a verbal commitment to the Tar Heels. He decommitted soon after, and then committed to Tennessee. Willis soon decommitted there too and started the 2010 school year with UNC.

Willis transferred over to UCLA shortly afterwards, only to return to Chapel Hill a few months later. He remained a Tar Heel through the remainder of the year and then transferred back to UCLA this summer.

It sounds like Willis is finally done moving. All his transferring, though, has cost him the 2011 season. Willis will have three years of eligibility remaining, beginning next year.