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Vikings Could Move To Los Angeles If Minnesota Stadium Plans Remain Stagnant

The Minnesota Vikings sit at a crossroads: after announcing that the team will not renew its lease at the Metrodome (the team's home site since 1982), the Vikings need to determine where their next venue will be. According to a report by the Star Tribune, the Vikings organization could move if the state of Minnesota does not come to a consensus about stadium plans.

Current suggestions have called for a new Vikings stadium in Ramsey County's Arden Hills at a projected cost of $1.1 billion. The Minnesota state legislature has not yet decided whether it wants to contribute to the project, and the NFL is pressuring the state to step up.

An NFL official met with Governor Mark Dayton on Tuesday, stating that a lack of activity on the political front could mean "opening the door" to other locations in other cities. Dayton has responded by setting up an appointment with the Vikings on Wednesday and calling for a special legislative session post-Thanksgiving to tackle the state's financial commitment for the new Vikings stadium.

If the Vikings do move, Los Angeles makes the most sense. L.A. is the biggest major city in America without a professional NFL team yet and it appears to be only a matter of time before the city is bestowed with a franchise. The Oakland Raiders have also considered moving to Los Angeles, and those talks could gain even more steam in the coming months if the team changes ownership.

With regard to the Vikings, any potential move from Minnesota hinges on more political inactivity. If the Vikings and the state begin talking about financial plans for the new stadium, a move to Los Angeles becomes unlikely. If those talks stall, though, L.A. may become an attractive destination for the Vikings franchise.