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Raiders Could Move To Los Angeles With New Ownership

The death of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis could change the team's future venue as ownership shifts hands. Ownership of the Raiders will likely go to Davis' son, Mark, who could decide to sell the team if he chooses not to keep it within the family, which further complicates the team's future.

The two big options on the table are a move to Los Angeles and a shared stadium with the San Francisco 49ers. Davis didn't want to make the move to L.A. during his tenure because it was reported that developers wanted a part of the team. That obstacle might not be as big of an issue under new management.

The Raiders also face the option of sharing with the 49ers. In this time of change for the team, CEO Amy Trask continues to repeat that the Raiders will consider just that, according to a report by Mercury News. Davis opposed this idea in much the same way he opposed a move to Los Angeles, but the Raiders organization could change its mind on this issue moving forward as well.

If the Raiders were to move to L.A., a proposed stadium could be ready for play by the 2016 season. For now, though, nothing is certain. The team is also considering construction of a new stadium in Oakland, and we may have to wait for some time before we know which- if any- of these three alternatives the organization decides to choose.