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LA NFL Stadium: In Line For Super Bowl 50?

Now with Super Bowl XLIX going to Arizona today, people in and around football are already talking about what city will get Super Bowl L. It isn't a shock that nearly everybody is pointing to the West Coast and the City of Angels. Los Angeles is the logical location of what is destined to be a spectacle as the NFL celebrates 50 years of Super Bowls.


We already know that Los Angeles meets all the aesthetic requirements for a Super Bowl. Great weather, great mystique, great food and hotels. But that isn't all that's needed. The NFL still has to play the game somewhere.


Los Angeles has a couple of stadium options, with AEG's stadium near the Staples Center as the most realistic. With a naming rights deal with Farmers Insurance for $700 million over 30 years, all Los Angeles needs is a couple of shovels to get started and it is a virtual lock to host Super Bowl L. It will be even better if one of the four teams that could possibly make a move into Farmers Field once it is built (Chargers, Raiders, Jaguars or Vikings) have already made the switch. Having a team there gives it a true football vibe, instead of a pure party. Nothing wrong with a pure party, but fans still want the football experience.


Now, all we do is wait and see. Oh, and buy some shovels.