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VIDEO: Ice Cube Remembers Al Davis

It might be silly to think that rapper Ice Cube is the one you'd want to hear from after Al Davis passed away, but O'Shea Jackson was the last man to interview the Raiders owner before his untimely passing this weekend. Straight Outta LA was Cube's documentary on the relationship between the Raiders and the gangster culture in Los Angeles and was part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series, and Cube interviewed Davis in the last interview the network ever did with the owner.

After the jump, listen to Ice Cube's thoughts in an interview on Sportscenter.

(via ESPN)

Ice Cube was a big admirer of Davis, and it shows in this interview. The Los Angeles Raiders really gave the NFL identity in the nation's second biggest market, and it's something that has never been replaced since their departure.

Bonus points for the interviewer calling the rapper "Cube".

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