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Magazine Exposé On McCourt Family Will Be A Laff A Minute

Frank and Jamie McCourt's divorce trial is underway, and just in case Dodger fans need something to laugh about, Wednesday's issue of Sports Illustrated will contain an in-depth look at the ongoing hilarities of the family's financial expenditures, as well as the circus of the trial itself.

The documents detail the lifestyle of the vulgar rich, stretching even L.A.’s relaxed boundaries of excess: eight properties with values totaling more than $108 million, seven country-club memberships, $800,000 per year paid for private security, $600,000 per year paid to sons who did not have titles with the team, $400,000 per year paid to an employee to run a charity and $150,000 per year paid to a hairstylist who coiffed the McCourts five days a week.

You think that's excessive, wait'll you meet their respective divorce posses:

Frank was flanked by six lawyers, one of whom was once described in the American Bar Association Journal as a ‘litigation assault weapon.’ Jamie was flanked by five attorneys, one of whom represented Al Gore before the Supreme Court after the disputed 2000 presidential election. Frank’s team also included a divorce lawyer who represented Cary Grant. Jamie’s included one who represented Tom Cruise.

And hey, the team's at .500 in September, but clearly the McCourts have more important things to think about.