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Dodgers Officially Eliminated With Giants Win Over Cubs

With the Giants’ 1-0 victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field tonight, the Dodgers have been officially eliminated from the playoffs.

At 73-77, the best the Dodgers could hope for is 85 wins. The Braves, second place in the NL East, already have 86 wins, so the Wild Card is out. Tonight’s win by San Francisco is their 85th of the season, but the Dodgers are still eliminated thanks to the remaining schedule.

If the Giants lose all their remaining games, the Dodgers could theoretically tie them at 85-77, but the Giants’ final three games are against San Diego, and a Padres’ sweep would give San Diego 86 wins, again more than the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are currently trailing the Padres 5-0 in the sixth inning tonight, so it is likely they would have eliminated themselves anyway.