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Joe Torre Clarifies His Managerial Future After Flap

After Joe Torre's comments -- responses to questions, really -- yesterday that he would certainly listen if the Mets called him, current Mets' manager Jerry Manuel, who hasn't yet been fired after all, was understandably upset that someone else was talking about his job. Per Adam Rubin of ESPN New York:

"I've heard about the comments," Manuel said about Torre. "This is from hearsay. When people tell me, they may add a little something here, add a little something there. But I find it also curious when someone comments about a job that someone already has."

Torre, when speaking with reporters today, clarified his comments about his future.Per Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio:

Joe Torre: “I apalogize to Jerry Manuel. I won’t be managing the Mets.”

Per Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times:

Torre: "I would doubt very seriously if there would be anything that would entice me to manage again."

Over the weekend at Dodger Stadium, Torre spoke as if he didn't plan to manage again. He mentioned a dinner with his wife, when they spoke about his future:

We were out to dinner one night, about a month ago, and she started quizzing me about stuff she could see from her perspective, 'you're gonna miss this, you're going to be able to do this.' At that point in time, I just felt a lot of those answers were different than they would have been.

Torre is 2,319-1,992 in 29 seasons as a major league manager.