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Angels And Dodgers Have The Rare Dual Home Games

Today the Dodgers and Angels will both play home games, as the Angels host the Rangers while the Padres visit Dodger Stadium. How rare is this occurrence? In 182 full days on the major league schedule this year (not counting Sunday, April 4), the Dodgers and Angels play home games on the same day just five times.


The two stadiums are separated by a little over 30 miles, so it's not as if there will be gridlock because both teams are playing at the same time, especially with both teams out of contention. But it doesn't happen very often, as the general schedule pattern is for the Angels to be on the road while the Dodgers are at home, and vice versa.


The only other time this year it has happened was June 25-27, when during interleague play the Angels hosted the Rockies and the Dodgers hosted the Yankees. Even then, they only played at the same time on the Friday night of that weekend. Both teams play at the same time both tonight and tomorrow.