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The Dodgers And Angels Will Likely Get Eliminated This Week...Or Will They?

Let’s be honest: this week will almost certainly be the week that both the Dodgers and Angels get officially eliminated. However, there’s still a slight chance, infinitesimal really, that both could make the playoffs. Here’s what would have to happen:


They are 10½ games behind the Rangers, but happen to play them seven times in the last two weeks. The Angels’ plan is simple: beat Texas all seven times, then win three more games than the Rangers in their other games.


The Dodgers have a much tougher road, as they really have no margin for error. One more loss and they're done. One more win this week by any one of the Giants, Padres, or Rockies, and the Dodgers are toast. The only Dodger playoff scenario involves chaos theory and a four-way tie for the NL West at 85-77.


I don’t like those odds. Maybe they should shoot for a .500 season instead.