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Ronald Johnson Scores Fourth TD Of Night For USC, Who Leads 42-23 After Third Quarter

It took all of 82 seconds for USC to respond to Hawaii’s touchdown, putting together a four-play, 79-yard touchdown drive to push their lead to 42-23 at the end of the third quarter.

The highlight of the drive was a 49-yard pass on a rollout play from Matt Barkley to fullback Stanley Havili. The three-yard touchdown pass to Ronald Johnson was the fifth TD pass of the night for Barkley, and the fourth overall score for Johnson.

After the touchdown, Mitch Mustain ran the ball into the endzone for a two-point conversion. USC is 2-for-4 on two-point conversion attempts on the game.

Hawaii quarterback Bryant Moniz returned to the locker room, feeling the affects of a hit by USC linebacker Michael Morgan earlier in the quarter.