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Tulowitzki At Dodger Stadium Has Morphed From Clark Kent To Superman

Before this weekend, Dodger Stadium had been a house of horrors for Troy Tulowitzki. In 31 career games in Los Angeles, Tulo hit .223/.282/.355 with three home runs, and the Rockies were 12-19 in those contests.


However, the Tulowitzki that showed up at Dodger Stadium with the surging Rockies this weekend is hotter than just about any player has ever been. In two games so far this series, Tulowitzki has three home runs and a double, and he tied a major league record with 14 home runs in his last 15 games.


Luckily for the Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw is pitching tomorrow, a pitcher against whom Tulowitzki has just five singles and three walks in 29 plate appearances in his career. However, the way Tulowitzki is swinging the bat right now, the pitcher probably doesn’t matter.