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Tonight's Dodgers-Giants Lineups: An All Right-Handed Outfield

With the left-handed Jonathan Sanchez on the mound tonight, the Dodgers have decided to go with an all right-handed hitting outfield, including Russ Mitchell’s first start in the outfield. Mitchell has started games at first and third base this month.

Mitchell is the only Dodger since 1920 to start games at first base, third base, and the outfield in his first season.

Here are tonight’s lineups:

Furcal SS
Theriot 2B
Blake 3B
Kemp CF
Loney 1B
Mitchell LF
Johnson RF
Barajas C
Lilly P

Renteria SS
F Sanchez 2B
Huff 1B
Posey C
Burrell LF
Uribe 3B
Guillen RF
Rowand CF
J. Sanchez P