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Reggie Bush Says He's Not Admitting Guilt Despite Forfeiting Heisman Trophy

Former USC running back Reggie Bush says that even though he gave back the Heisman Trophy, that doesn’t mean he did anything wrong according to an interview with the Associated Press.

“It’s definitely not an admission of guilt. It’s me showing respect to the Heisman Trophy itself and to the people who came before me and the people coming after,” Bush said after practice with the New Orleans Saints.
“I just felt like it was the best thing to do, the most respectful thing to do because obviously I do respect the Heisman, I do respect all the things it stands for,” Bush said. “I felt just to kind of silence all the talk around it, all the negativity around it. I felt like this would be the best decision to do right now so I could focus.”

He seems to be saying all of the right things, however.

“I’m not happy this happened. This is where it has come to,” Bush said. "This is just a part of life. This is a part of growing pains and becoming more mature. You learn. You grow. You get better. You get stronger and hopefully you never make those same mistakes again.

“How do I clear my name? I don’t know. I’m not sure. This is the first time I’ve been in this situation,” Bush added. “I’ve obviously got to brainstorm and get together with my team and see what we can do. I’m here to lend a helping hand to USC and any time they need me and any time I can do something to help them, they know I’m just a phone call away.”