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Today's Angels-Indians Lineups: Hank Conger Gets First MLB Start

Angels’ catcher Hank Conger is making his first major league start today, batting eighth. He made his major league debut on Saturday against the Mariners, pinch hitting in the seventh inning. Conger hit .300/.385/.463 in 108 games with 11 home runs for Triple A Salt Lake this season.

Here are the lineups:

Callaspo 3B
Abreu LF
Hunter RF
Matsui DH
Rivera 1B
Aybar SS
Kendrick 2B
Conger C
Bourjos CF
Weaver P

Brantley CF
Cabrera SS
Choo RF
Hafner DH
Duncan LF
Nix 3B
Laporta 1B
Sutton 2B
Marson C
Gomez P