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An In-Depth Look At 2011 Interleague Schedule Of The Dodgers And The NL West

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The Dodgers’ interleague schedule for 2011 is full of recently familiar foes. In addition to the annual home-and-home contests with the Angels, the Dodgers face three other American League foes:

  • at White Sox, May 20-22
  • vs. Detroit, June 20-22
  • at Minnesota, June 28-30


That the Dodgers play nine road games out of 15 could pose a problem, as they are a putrid 11-37 in interleague road games since 2005. At home they are a more respectable 22-26 against AL teams during that span.

Here is a look at the interleague schedules for the rest of the teams in the National League West:

  • Arizona (18): Twins, White Sox, at Kansas City, at Detroit, Indians, at Oakland
  • Colorado (15): Detroit, at Cleveland, at Yankees, White Sox, Kansas City
  • San Diego (15): Seattle, at Minnesota, at Boston, Kansas City, at Seattle
  • San Francsico (15): Oakland, at Oakland, Minnesota, Cleveland, at Detroit


The Diamondbacks are the only team in the division to play 18 interleague games next year, as the other four teams play 15 games against AL opponents.

The is no common AL opponent among the NL West teams. The Tigers play four of the five NL West teams, only avoiding the Padres. The Twins, Royals, and White Sox play three NL West teams each.