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USC Will Unleash Dillon Baxter

We are now a mere five and half hours until the USC Trojans play under the Coliseum lights for the first time this season as Trojan fans eagerly await their first taste of USC football at home.

Fans are also anticipating the play of highly touted running back Dillon Baxter, who was suspended for last week's game against Hawaii for violating team rules.  Baxter was ranked by as the top all-purpose running back and also a five-star running back by 

Based on Lane Kiffin's comments through out practice, Baxter may be the most talented player on team.  

After impressing the country with a video released by the USC athletics department earlier in the year, Baxter has been the topic of many discussions regarding being the top freshman of the college football year.  Baxter's strength is his legs with the ability to change direction effortlessly, "breaking ankles" will help evolve Baxter's college game throughout his career.

With the hype surrounding the freshman, Kiffin will finally unveil Baxter and open the cage to unleash the animal that many see will be USC's next explosive back.